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Learn more about how S4S can meet all your science outreach and education needs through:

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Science communication review and editing

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Science writing, and

A full range of outreach evaluation services
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Science for Society is a science -communication and Informal Science Education  (ISE) consulting firm that serves as a liaison between the scientific community and the public. With a deep understanding of the nature of science, and through the application of science communication theory, learning theory and rigorous ISE research and evaluation techniques, S4S critically reviews and evaluates science-content materials, exhibits, education programs or other outreach initiatives to ensure their appropriateness for and greater impact on intended audiences.

Much more than just an evaluation firm, S4S provides a wide range of consulting and evaluation services to enhance and improve your science outreach/education efforts. Let me help you make the most of your education, outreach, program or exhibit development budget.
Capacity in science and technology is a key element in economic and social development. Promoting science education at all education levels, and scientific literacy in society in general, is a fundamental building block to a country’s capacity in science and technology.

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Photo by K. Burtnyk