Sharing research results with the public, government officials, educators or other audiences is crucial in this competitive funding climate.

“We need to be writing for Congress and the public. Scientists want their stories in the press, but complain when they are misquoted. You won't get the support you need if others don't understand what you're doing.” 

~Ruth Kirschstein, Frmr NIH Dir.
Funding agencies are increasingly requiring the scientific community to demonstrate the impact of their work not just on their field, but also on the public, whose tax dollars help to fund research. Yet few academic or research organizations have the time or staff to generate the high quality, impactful outreach materials that they are being asked to produce. Moreover, organizations like the NSF are hiring people like me: Experts in ISE program development and evaluation so they can spot good outreach plans when they read about them in grant proposals. Science for Society will help you devise a solid outreach and evaluation plan that will set you apart from your competition.




From development to delivery

Evaluation is an essential part of every stage of the development of every education and outreach project.

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Planning or developing science outreach programs, materials or exhibits should not be taken lightly.

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  1. Bulleta passion for science research

  2. Bulletbroad science content knowledge and a deep understanding of the nature of science

  3. Bulletextensive experience interacting with and interviewing scientists and engineers

  4. Bulletexperience working closely with science educators and program developers (especially in ISE)

  5. Bulletscience journalism experience (print, web and radio)

  6. Bulletspecialized expertise and education in science communication theory and practice, and

  7. Bulletextensive Informal Science Education outreach/communication evaluation experience

S4S is the best place to turn for help with all your science outreach needs, from development to delivery

Science for Society can assist you with writing and editing grant proposals that require an outreach component

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