1. BulletNeeds/Audience Assessment

  2. The first step in any science communication project is defining your audience. Needs/Audience Assessment ensures that your outreach efforts are suitable for your audiences thus ensuring a more efficient delivery of information and more cost effective use of limited resources.

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  5. BulletScience writing, science communication review and editing

  6. Those closest to their research are often unaware of “jargon” or other terms unfamiliar to non-expert audiences contained in their public communication materials. Working closely with your science team, Science for Society will critically review
    “Without the crucial ability to write clearly and forcefully, you will find the process of getting support for your work more difficult.”

~ David Porush
    communication materials (e.g. books, websites, brochures, exhibits etc.) to spot potentially problematic terminology, and help you draft materials that are suitable for your intended audiences.
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  9. BulletProgram development/logic modeling

  10. A critical step in the development of your communication or outreach materials is defining your communication goals and your preferred outcomes. S4S will support your program development process by constructing logic models to define objectives, benchmarks, outcomes and timelines associated with your outreach plans, and decision making on project objectives based on your intended audiences and anticipated outcomes.



  1. BulletPilot testing

  2. Test your ideas with your intended audience before committing resources to final products. Find out what works, what doesn’t work, what your audience responds to positively or negatively and apply that knowledge to the development of your outreach products.



Generate Enthusiasm...and funding

Before beginning any outreach or communication initiative, you should consider a number of questions that will help to ensure the most effective delivery of content to your intended audiences. Science for Society will help you formulate and find answers to key questions, starting with understanding your intended audience so that your efforts will be most appropriate for that audience. Science for Society offers this and other writing, editing and review services to suit your outreach needs and budget.

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Science Communication

“Public understanding of science is more central to our national security than half a dozen strategic weapons systems. The sub-mediocre performance of American youngsters in science and math, and the widespread adult ignorance and apathy about science and math, should sound an urgent alarm.”     

Carl Sagan,1990

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