Grant Proposal Writing and Editing

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  1. Bullet  Grant Proposal Writing

Most Federally funded research grants will require you to include a plan for public outreach. With increasing competition for funding, developing a good outreach plan can set you apart from other grant submitters. S4S can manage this part of the grant writing process for you by helping you devise a solid and appropriate outreach plan and also composing that section of your grant proposal so that it effectively meets or exceeds the requirements of the grant. With expertise in Informal Science Education, S4S can also help you develop relationships and collaborations with the informal science community to make the most of your outreach strategies.

  1. Bullet  Grant Proposal Editing

Inviting a disinterested party to review and edit your grant proposal before submitting is an extremely valuable exercise. Anyone who has written a grant proposal knows how easily one can become complacent about the details the longer the writing process takes.

An outside, disinterested editor can rid your final version of the smallest errors, typos, redundancies or other less than ideal foibles that a grant reviewer will detect immediately. Science for Society can edit your entire grant proposal for clarity, impact, and quality of writing. I work with individual contributors and groups to produce the cleanest and best organized proposal possible.

Hire a professional to edit or help you write your outreach grant

As a long-time writer and editor, I am sensitive to the anxiety that comes with someone editing your work. When you work with me you will find that while tough in process, my interpersonal editing approach is always collaborative and respectful. I want you to win that grant as much as you do. The advantages of having an outsider review, edit, or help to write your outreach related grant cannot be understated.

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